Boy reveals he is the secret son of Shakira and a Colombian actor!

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Boy reveals he is the secret son of Shakira and a Colombian actor!

These aren't easy days for Colombian pop star Shakira. The separation with the historical former partner Gerard Piqué and the rumors coming from Spain of an old alleged secret love story with Rafael Nadal, are definitely making the singer have a difficult time.

But now other sensational revelations arrive: Shakira would have a love child! Last week, Colombian actor Santiago Alarcón released an Instagram video in which he said he was molested by a young man who claims to be the son of him and Shakira.

He said: "I am a victim of harassment and extortion by a young man whose name I will leave out on the recommendation of the lawyer, but we will call him boy. He says I gave him up for adoption in 1992, but I was 12 years old then!

You will not believe me and I am ashamed to name her, but I have to name her so that you can see the absurdity of the story, as she claims that her biological mother is Shakira. Imagine how far this has come. my safety, my children's safety, my family's safety, my job has already been hacked."

In 1992 Shakira was only 15 years old. The boy asks for 835 million pesos which translates into approximately $ 41,975,575.25 US dollars, while the boy claims he has been put up for adoption.

Shakira's career highlights

Shakira debuted in the Latin American record market in 1991, dominating the scene for over a decade.

In 2001 she achieved worldwide success with the album Laundry Service, which sold more than 20 million copies and became one of the 100 best-selling albums ever. One of the singer's most successful singles, 2010 World Cup theme song Waka Waka, topped the charts in 19 countries and is the official World Cup single that has sold the most and fastest in the era of digital music.

As of 2014, the singer has sold more than 125 million copies of singles and albums worldwide. Shakira has won three Grammy Awards, twelve times the Latin Grammy Awards, thirty-three at the Billboard Latin Music Awards and five times at the MTV Video Music Awards, and is considered the most commercially successful Colombian music artist of all time and singer most popular Latin in the world.

She has had a pioneering role for the entire category of South American artists, being the first and only singer from Latin America to have reached the top spot in the national charts of Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

In 2011, her name was included in the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.