Gerard Piqué teases Shakira by keeping her luxury items

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Gerard Piqué teases Shakira by keeping her luxury items

According to MW magazine, it seems that Gerard Piqué has kept all the Grammys won by his former partner Shakira in her office in Barcelona and that he refuses to send them to Miami, where the Colombian pop star now lives.

MW magazine told: "Shakira and her longtime boyfriend Gerard Pique announced their separation after a union that lasted over a decade. While Pique continues to reside in Barcelona, Shakira has moved her base to Miami, where she lives with the their two children.

However, Shakira's most precious possession is still with Pique, in her office. Our source revealed to us: Shakira's Grammy Awards are still on display there and he has not returned them to her. He is important to her.

she wants to keep them there. Shakira, however, desperately wants to reclaim her Grammys and 15 other awards that are still in Pique's office."

Rumors from Spain of a dating between Shakira and Rafael Nadal

from Spain, comes an indiscretion that has real hype: Rafael Nadal and Shakira have had a secret relationship.

As reported by the Spanish paparazzo, Jordi Martin, the singer and the tennis player began their clandestine dating back in 2009, when the two met for the Gypsy video clip. The video for one of Shakira's best-known songs involved exchanging sensual looks and laughter, but it seems like it was more than just script requirements.

As reported by Corriere della Sera, the paparazzo explained that the two had an intense love affair when the video of the song was shot. At the time, rumors reported that Shakira was dating Alejandro Sanz, a well-known Spanish singer.

On the other hand, the tennis player was in a difficult situation: at the time, Nadal was already romantically linked to Mary Perellò, whom he met in 2005 at school. Rafael Nadal us about to play the Laver Cup along Roger Federer, for the last matches of his friend/rival.