Who is Joelle Rich, the new Johnny Depp's love

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Who is Joelle Rich, the new Johnny Depp's love

Johnny Depp, after winning the libel trial against his former wife Amber Heard, is engaged to his lawyer Joelle Rich. The Hollywood star, protagonist of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean saga, met his new girlfriend thanks to Amber Heard.

At first there was talk of a flirtation between Johnny Depp and the other lawyer, Camille Velasquez, who won him the trial against Amber Heard. Rumors denied by the lawyer. Joelle Rich is British, has two children and a marriage just ended behind her, and is famous for representing Meghan Markle when British tabloids published the handwritten letter from Meghan to her father Thomas about her.

Also according to the anonymous source who spoke with US Weekly, Rich would also have attended Johnny Depp at the hearings of the trial against Amber Heard in Virginia: "She was not part of his team of lawyers, there was no professional obligation, it was a personal matter."

Johnny Depp knows Joelle Rich well because she defended him in the UK libel case against the tabolid The Sun, which called him a wife thug. The one between Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich is the first public relationship of the star after the 2017 divorce with Amber Heard.

Amber Heard's team of lawyers during the trial argued that Johnny Depp suffers and suffered from erectile dysfunction and that this problem may have contributed, as Heard's team said, to his violent behavior.

The trial

After six weeks of trial and 13 hours of deliberations in the closed chamber, the jury made the final decision.

Amber Heard will have to pay her ex-husband $ 15 million in damages for defaming him: less than the 50 million requested by the plaintiff, more than double the alimony received at the time of the divorce. Johnny Depp will also have to compensate Amber Heard albeit to a lesser extent than she will.

In fact, the jurors awarded the actress a fee of $ 2 million for when her ex-husband's lawyer called her accusations a scam. Johnny Depp was not present at the verdict reading because he is still in Great Britain where he played with Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Source close to the plaintiff said: "Due to work commitments made before the trial, he will not physically be in court, but will log in to watch the outcome of the dispute from the UK."