How Roger Federer earned one billion dollars in career

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How Roger Federer earned one billion dollars in career

Several days have passed since Roger Federer's farewell, but the emotions are still alive in the hearts and minds of all fans. During the first day of the Laver Cup, the King played his last match alongside Rafael Nadal before hanging up his racket.

The two were defeated by the Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock, who also took some criticism, but the result was not in the least important that evening. The Swiss phenomenon received a splendid tribute at the end of the meeting, as well as enjoying the moment of his retirement together with his family and his great rivals.

Ellie Goulding's magnificent performance made the ceremony even more thrilling and poignant. The tears of Roger and Rafa have been around the world, as well as the photo that shows them hand in hand on the bench. He said about: "I was super excited and couldn't stop sobbing.

When Ellie Goulding started singing, the atmosphere got even more electric and the focus shifted to her. Of course I couldn't speak at that juncture. and I shook hands with Rafa to thank him."

But how much has Roger earned in his career?

Roger is part of a six-person sports club who have earned at least $ 1 billion in careers.

Federer is in fifth place with earnings of around $ 1.09 billion, ahead of Floyd Mayweather ($ 1.08 billion), and behind Tiger Woods ($ 1.72 billion), Cristiano Ronaldo ($ 1.24 billion). dollars), LeBron James ($ 1.16 billion) and Lionel Messi ($ 1.15 billion).

Much of the proceeds came thanks to victories on the pitch, thanks to which Federer took home a haul of 130.6 million dollars in prize money. Federer made most of the money thanks to sponsors. The richest contract signed by the Swiss tennis player is the $ 300 million one signed in 2018 with UNIQLO, a Japanese clothing company that has dressed him in recent years by snatching him from Nike after more than twenty years.

Among Roger's big sponsors are also Rolex, Barilla, Lindt, Moët & Chandon, Mercedes-Benz and Credit Suisse, which have enabled him to become the highest paid sportsman in the world in 2020, with earnings of 106 million dollars, and brought to seventh place also in 2022 with collections of 90 million without playing even a game.