Renault and Google will create the vehicle of the future

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Renault and Google will create the vehicle of the future

Renault Group and Google have announced a new partnership already started in 2018 for the design and construction of the Software defined vehicle and for the final digitization of the group. This will be possible thanks to a series of on-board and off-board software components dedicated to SDV and will expand synergies and use cases related to the move to cloud strategy.

The group will migrate the entire operating model to the cloud to achieve greater agility, performance and profitability.
This collaboration on the cloud will be possible with the creation of a Digital Twin, a virtual twin of the vehicle that will be equipped with the most advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, for an easier and continuous integration of new services in the vehicle and the creation of new applications on board.

and overboard. Renault Group will expand the use of Google Cloud technology for SDV, to better manage the acquisition and analysis of data, in a secure and confidential manner, and the development of software for the vehicle.

Renault and Google will create the vehicle of the future

Luca De Meo, CEO of Renault Group, explained: "The complexity of the electronic architecture of cars is increasing exponentially, driven by the sophistication of the features and services that customers expect.

Equipped with a shared IT platform, continuous updates over-the-air and simplified access to car data, the SDV approach developed in collaboration with Google will transform our vehicles to help us meet future customer needs.

An approach that will increase residual value and post retention. Sales, which are two key drivers of our financial performance, and will help Renault launch our portfolio of new services. Finally, our strategic partnership with Google will enable us to accelerate our end-to-end digital transformation, from designing our 'auto to its market launch, passing through production, and ultimately to bring added value to our customers we go beyond simple collaboration: a champion of software and a champion of mobility join forces to create revolutionary technologies."

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, echoes Meo, saying: "Our partnership with Renault Group has improved comfort, safety and connectivity on the road. Today's announcement will help accelerate Renault Group's digital transformation, combining our cloud, AI and Android expertise to deliver a highly personalized, secure experience that meets evolving customer expectations."