Sloane Stephens and her best bathing suits: what wonderful PICS!

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Sloane Stephens and her best bathing suits: what wonderful PICS!

Sloane Stephens fulfilled her biggest dream in 2017 with a home win at the US Open. A few months ago, in an interview, the US star recounted some interesting and important aspects of her career such as having followed therapy since she was 13 year-old.

The US tennis player clarified that the therapy was really very useful to her but added that she is aware that it is a luxury that not everyone, among ordinary people, can afford. She told "I'm one of those people who loves to tell stories and finds it very easy.

say how you feel, I'm used to seeing that I have been in therapy since I was only 13 year-old. My mother is a psychologist, I have had an extreme relationship so with this thing but there are also people who have not had anything.

I hope that in the future. people can all have the support they need and don't feel judged by what they feel or do."

Sloane Stephens and her best bathing suits: what wonderful photos!

Stephens said it was really hard for her to make her tour debut so young and said: "When I was 18 I was already a professional athlete and had to juggle millions of people watching me play tennis every day.

All this was unbearable. Now, after a while, I have finally learned to recognize negative feelings and I can deal with it all. I am grateful to share my whole story and many people have received great support in following my situation.

I can handle emotions and I know I need a minute for myself to take. Once all people are able to accept that there is a you behind the athlete or the celebrity, everything becomes much easier." Sloane has an Instagram profile where she shares court and private life photos.

She often wears magnificent outfits and incredible bathing suits. Here are the most amazing: