Maria Sharapova: "I call 'T-Rex' my son Theo!"

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Maria Sharapova: "I call 'T-Rex' my son Theo!"

Maria Sharapova has been over the years one of the most influential tennis players and one of the sportswomen most important of her generation (and ever!). In addition to being a famous athlete, a woman who has won Grand Slam tournaments and who has achieved great results, Maria is recognized as one of the most beautiful tennis players and sportsmen in general in recent years.

A few months ago Maria gave birth to Theodore, her first child born on July 1st. The former tennis player recently returned to training and left the following message on social media: "Today marks four weeks since giving birth and two weeks since I started moving my body again.

I don’t think my body had ever felt as weak as it did the day after birth so even these movements feel like I’ve come a long way. Trying not to push it but I’ll let you know how that goes."

Maria Sharapova to Chris Evert: "My son Theo the T-Rex!"

Maria Sharapova talked about her son with Chris Evert during the past US Open.

Maria said she finds her new mom role exciting. Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes had enthusiastically informed fans of the birth of their son, Theodore. Speaking of his son Sharapova he said: "I call him Theo, or T-Rex. There are so many little names I call him by.

He is very sweet and he is the best. Many talk to you about it, but until you have a child and you live it, you don't have it. Having a child was the most beautiful, motivating and satisfying gift the family could receive.

" Alexander Gilkes, a British businessman, and Sharapova have announced their engagement in 2020. Maria Sharapova has already experienced immense joy in 2022, as well as having her child. She is also on Forbes' list of richest women under 40 year-old.