Rafael Nadal never commented on Shakira's dating rumors, to avoid fake news

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Rafael Nadal never commented on Shakira's dating rumors, to avoid fake news

According to some paparazzi and Spanish media, there are rumors that Shakira had a secret relationship with Rafael Nadal. However, Rafa, who had a long relationship with his current wife María Francisca, never commented on these rumors regarding his private life.

Probably because he did not want to give further weight to what is most likely fake news. And obviously to protect his affections and his private life from completely unfounded speculations. Nadal started dating María Francisca in 2005 and have been together ever since.

The couple got engaged in early 2019 and got married by the end of the year. In 2022, the couple welcomed their first child and named him Rafael. Rumors about Nadal and Shakira's secret relationship started rolling in 2009, while recording the Gypsy music video.

In one of the interviews at the time, Nadal was asked about his girlfriend's reaction to the video. However, Nadal wasn't too bothered by the question, saying: "No problem, that's part of the job."

What happened

As reported by the Spanish paparazzo, Jordi Martin, the singer and the tennis player began their clandestine dating back in 2009, when the two met for the “Gypsy” video clip.

The video for one of Shakira's best-known songs involved exchanging sensual glances and laughter, but it seems like it was more than just script requirements. As reported by Corriere della Sera, the paparazzo explained that the two had an intense love affair when the video of the song was shot.

At the time, rumors reported that Shakira was dating Alejandro Sanz, a well-known Spanish singer. On the other hand, the tennis player was in a difficult situation: at the time, Nadal was already romantically linked to Mary Perellò, whom he met in 2005 at school.

Rafa will come back on the court for the new season, ad for the upcoming edition of the Australian Open, the first Slam of this tennis era since Roger Federer's farewell.