Nick Kyrgios' pyramid theory: "I don't think humans need them"


Nick Kyrgios' pyramid theory: "I don't think humans need them"

Nick Kyrgios has recently participated in Logan Paul's highly popular podcast Impaulsive, actively speaking on the big questions that make humanity question. The Australian tennis player always knows how to get himself talked about, even outside the Tour, with statements that are never trivial and always controversial.

The host first asked him if he agreed that the earth was flat. Kyrgios replied with a laconic: "I don't know what to believe." More interesting, however, is his point of view on the origin of the pyramids, on which, according to him, man has not had a hand.

The Australian tennis player, referring to the entrances of the gigantic structures found in Egypt, explained: "There is no way they are. How do they line up in perfect symmetry around the Earth? The doors they're pretty big, and we humans don't need doors as big as those." Theory generally espoused by those who claim that the pyramids are of alien origin.

Nick's season

Nick Kyrgios' last appearance on a playing court dates back to the now distant October 2022, when he, in the Tokyo tournament, retired in the quarterfinals before starting the match against Taylor Fritz. Since then, the strong tennis player has never been able to be appreciated with a racket in his hand.

Shortly before the start of the Australian Open, a tournament in which he started as one of the favourites, he remedied a small tear to the lateral meniscus, a problem that forced him to go under the knife and announce the painful forfeit.

Now the tennis player from Canberra is working hard to return to star after a 2022 in which he had been able to carve out an important role in the most important tournaments. First of all the final he got at Wimbledonn, later lost by Novak Djokovic, then the victory of the 500 tournament in Washington. Results that brought him back to the top 20 in the world after some time.

Nick Kyrgios