Matteo Berrettini's girlfriend is a knockout! What a Pic!

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Matteo Berrettini's girlfriend is a knockout! What a Pic!

Melissa Satta, the gorgeous girlfriend of the Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini, posted a breathtaking photo on Instagram. In which the beautiful Italian showgirl showed all her disarming sensuality. In the photo, in black and white, Melissa wears a black top, with a maliciously lowered strap.

The top is coordinated with very sensual culottes. Here's the picture:

Matteo Berrettini and cyberbullying

Matteo Berrettini has always tried to send positive messages through social networks by fighting all forms of bullying and cyberbullying.

The Roman, thanks to the incredible results achieved on the court, has become one of the most popular tennis players on the major circuit and has seen a dramatic increase in the number of followers on social media and that of fans following him.

However, increased media exposure can also have negative effects. On more than one occasion, the blue has revealed that he has received various offenses and threats after a defeat. Whether it's the dislike of an athlete or the negative outcome of a trivial bet, unjustified hatred towards an athlete must always be condemned and denounced.

Berrettini has decided to join the Spalla a Spalla project, in collaboration with the Fare x Bene association, together with its sponsor Head&Shoulders. Spalla a Spalla aims to educate, raise awareness, prevent and combat any type of phenomenon related to bullying and cyberbullying.

A project that will involve 20 Italian institutes and will address secondary school students. Berrettini said: "This is an important initiative because it is aimed at young kids. At that age we tend to justify them even when they make mistakes.

But we must not forget that it is precisely at that moment, in high school, that they begin to form their character and make choices. I feel a great responsibility because I know how much they follow me and how much some of them see me as an example.

At their age, even I looked up to my sports idols. I'm not going to let them down. Through social media, Head&Shoulders is giving me the opportunity to do something more specific and concrete. More than bullying, I would talk about cyberbullying in my case.

Unfortunately it is a side effect of media and social media exposure. Especially when I was just starting out, many tried to discourage me with comments like You'll never break through, Yours is just luck or even worse... Now the sentences are different: it's very fashionable to write 'You only think about doing something else rather than playing tennis.

Many, on the web, still accuse me of not living up to their expectations. But I'm more mature. I think, with the freedom there is on social media, it's impossible to expect only constructive criticism. But if a campaign like Shoulder to Shoulder manages to convince even one boy to be more empathetic and kind towards others, then so be it!"

Matteo Berrettini