The sensual side of Dayana Yastremska

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The sensual side of Dayana Yastremska

Dayana Yastremska had been disqualified on doping charges, but then cleared once she shed light on how mesterolone had entered her body. Through, that is to say, se*ual relations with her ex-boyfriend. Now Dayana is busy not only on the court, but also in telling the drama of the war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion through social media, especially Instagram.

The beautiful Dayana, through Instagram, also shares shots of the court and her private life. Also showing the sensual side of her, with pics that have delighted her fans. Here are some of her most sensua pics:

Dayana on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

About a year ago, Dayana recounted the drama of the war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

She told on that occasion: "On Wednesday, we were at home in Odessa. We were spending time with our family before taking this long trip to Lyon with my father. The evening was pleasant, but we were woken up by bombs the next morning.

We didn't realize or understand what was going on. It was crazy. It wasn't a movie or a video game. We were very shocked. We left the apartment for shelter in the underground car park as the bombs continued to explode." The Ukrainian tennis player then talked about how her parents made the decision to send her and her younger sister out of the country and later about the fear they had when crossing the border.

She said: "The journey took four hours to reach the Danube at the Romanian border. We were afraid of bombs or meeting Russian tanks. There was a long line of cars at the border and we ended up walking. That's where we said goodbye to our parents, because our mother said at the last moment that she would stay with dad.

We were shocked, but at the same time we didn't want our father to stay there alone. Ivanna started crying a lot and I had to control my emotions because I took on a big responsibility.My father said: I don't know how this is all going to end, but you have to take care of each other. You have to build your new life."

Dayana Yastremska