Ekaterina Makarova is a vision in bathing suit on the waves

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Ekaterina Makarova is a vision in bathing suit on the waves

Ekaterina Makarova wrote the recent history of women's doubles, paired with her countrywoman Elena Vesnina. The beautiful Russian tennis player has retired from tennis, and she is enjoying her life off the court, as evidenced by the images and videos she shares on Instagram.

Ekaterina is also a very beautiful and super sensual tennis player. She often shares very se-x-y snaps with her followers. Some of the latest bathing suit pics have sent Instagram into a tailspin. The beautiful Russian, wearing a fuchsia bathing suit, is suspended in the middle of the water while she enjoys sun and relaxation.

She wrote: "You can be sensual and beautiful at any age. Yet you can feel like nobody, fuzzy and hiding in the cocoon of your complexes in the blooming 18. Self-awareness and inner harmony." Here are the sensual shots:

Ekaterina was introduced to tennis at the age of 6, she started playing at Club Luzhniki.

She defines herself as a baseline tennis player, the surfaces she prefers are hard and grass. She speaks Russian and English. She likes pop music, her favorite singer is Rihanna. Her favorite food is pizza while her favorite drink is apple juice.

She also enjoys dancing, spending time with family and friends, and shopping. You particularly admire Anastasija Myskina and Roger Federer. Her favorite tournament is the US Open.

Her retirement from tennis

In 2020, after 15 seasons on the court, the left-handed Russian Ekaterina Makarova announced her farewell through her Instagram profile.

The Russian left her after winning 3 individual titles and 15 in doubles, three of which in the Grand Slam tournaments (Roland Garros, Us Open and Wimbledon), playing with Elena Vesnina. The Russian had several difficulties in 2019 where she only played three tournaments.

Here is her farewell message: "Dear friends! I have important news for you today. I made a difficult decision to end my professional career in tennis. Today I want to thank everyone who has been with me shoulder to shoulder all these years.

Who took part in my sports career, starting from my childhood and ending with it. I was lucky enough to work with the best team of professionals. My favorite coaches, sparring, massage therapists, and osteopaths. My team has always been my mainstay and support.

I would like to thank my lovely family and friends who have always been there for me. I always feel your love and support. My family is my source of energy and inspiration. My dear, faithful fans! You have always supported me anywhere in the world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your faith in me, gave me strength and helped me move forward to victories! I am very happy and proud of my sports career. It's time to move on and start a new stage in my life.
Your Kate."

Ekaterina Makarova