St. Patrick's day super sensual with Eugenie Bouchard's B-I-K-I-N-I!

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St. Patrick's day super sensual with Eugenie Bouchard's B-I-K-I-N-I!

Eugenie Bouchard really made St. Patrick's Day super sensual! Last March 17, 2023, the beautiful Canadian tennis player shared some really h-o-t photos on Instagram! Genie was wearing a very beautiful green bathing suit.

Green is the color that pays homage to St. Patrick's Day, the Irish patron saint who is celebrated all over the world. Here you can watch the photos Genie shared on Instagram

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About the tennis legend Roger Federer, Bouchard said: "I've always adored Roger Federer.

His class and elegance were truly unique. There will never be anyone like him. If there are boys or girls who look up to me, it's a real honour. I remember as a child watching my idols on TV and wanting their autographs. Being that person for someone else is an honor.

I really appreciate people's support. I hope I can inspire people both on and off the court." Not only Roger. During the podcast on Sportkeeda Pardon My Take the beautiful Eugenie, stopped for some time due to major injuries, was clear about Serena Willims: "Everyone thinks as they want, but for me Serena Williams is to be considered as the GOAT of this sport for women's tennis." Patrick Mouratoglou also sees Serena Williams as the best.

Some time ago, in fact, the well-known French coach also spoke out on the matter. The Frenchman clarified why Serena should be considered the best despite Margaret Court's fewer titles. Here are his statements: "With all due respect to Margaret Court, but she played when tennis was not professional and when more than half of the tennis players could not even go to Australia to play.

It was another era and Serena changed the sport instead. Before her and Venus, tennis was only for white tennis players, everything changed with them. She intimidated opponents with her strength and was the first to do that in women's tennis."

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