Emma Raducanu enchants with her sweetheart smile in the party photo!

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Emma Raducanu enchants with her sweetheart smile in the party photo!
Emma Raducanu enchants with her sweetheart smile in the party photo!

Emma Raducanu was present at a private party organized at one of the historic London clubs, precisely the George Club, in the Mayfair district. For the occasion, the British tennis player with a very docile and disarming smile, wore a black miniskirt, combined with an always black shirt.

A very classic and at the same time very elegant set, which enhanced the face with perfect features and the athletic figure of the young tennis player.

Konta and Roddick on Emma

Johanna Konta, former world number four, said about Emma: "This surgery didn't come as a surprise to her, so she will have had time to prepare for the recovery process.

It's early in her career and she has time to strengthen her body and get back to their best. In the history of sport there are many examples of athletes who were operated on at a young age and came back stronger than ever.

The important thing is that she is in no rush to recover, although I believe she will try to return to the 2023 US Open." Former American tennis star Andy Roddick recently told the Tennis Channel: "I hope Emma gets the right advice on how to approach the programme.

Not only regarding the pulse and the exit from Madrid, but also regarding the months of January to November, as we will regulate. What will we play. What surfaces do I feel best on. I think it's really hard to reduce these aspects, so focused advice is something.

There seems to be a lot of voices in the room and she doesn't seem to be very focused, but let's hope she gets back healthy because she's a superstar." The incredible path that led Raducanu to win the 2021 US Open starting from the qualifiers made history and seemed to have exploded a real star, but partly due to injuries of various kinds, partly because perhaps distracted by too much hype media, the young British tennis player is literally lost.

Her name, however, always makes the news and everyone still expects great things from her. Raducanu who has now, however, suffered yet another stop, this time really long. Recently, the 20-year-old Toronto native announced she had surgery on both hands after living with the pain for several months.

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