Locked Up! What we know about Holger Rune and his sister Alma's private life?

Alma maintains a reserved approach to her personal life, like his brother Holger

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Locked Up! What we know about Holger Rune and his sister Alma's private life?

Holger Rune has chosen to keep his romantic relationships private, in public, and rarely discusses his personal life with the media. Little is known about Rune's past and present relationships. Holger's sister, Alma Rune, as a model, is often linked with people she collaborates with, in her profession.

However, Alma maintains a reserved approach to her personal life, evident by her limited disclosure on social media platforms. It is unclear whether she is currently in a relationship or she prefers to focus on her professional image of her.

Holger Rune, at the moment, appears to be single and not dating anyone. His current focus is only on tennis, his professional career and the tournaments he is playing, such as Roland Garros, in recent weeks. Last season, during the 2022 French Open, Rune was accompanied by his sister and mother, drawing attention to their presence.

Rune and the rising status of a junior tennis player captivated the tennis community. While he keeps her personal life private, Rune's sister, Alma Rune, also maintains a reserved approach to her romantic relationships.

Rune at the French Open 2023

Rune qualified for the second round of Roland Garros.

He challenges much harder than expected with the Nordic athlete who won in four hard-fought sets against the American Eubanks. Praise for his opponent and future prospects for the tennis player who made the following statements at the press conference: "Chris played very well, served quite well and played freely.

Obviously he had nothing to lose and this made him play looser way. I had also never faced him before and had to take the right measures against him. I'm happy with my test and I'm happy that I immediately faced an important challenge.

It will help me to improve my level. Public? I think it's normal in life that some people love you and some don't. In the end, everyone has their preferences and I respect all of that. Indeed it is fantastic. For me the priority is to win the match and I will do anything to achieve this every time I take the field.

This matters more than anything else that happens off the pitch. Winning Roland Garros without Rafa Nadal? I certainly think that without Rafa everything is more open but there are Alcaraz and above all Novak Djokovic. I think he is the favourite, he has won 22 Grand Slam titles and has great experience in these tournaments.

Of course, anything can happen on the draw. Medvedev has come out and we will be able to see other surprises. The courts here are very slow, clay is not my favorite surface but I love the atmosphere here in Paris. Physical problems at the end of the third set? I took a risk and it was painful after that crash but nothing serious.

It wasn't serious. I'm working a lot with Lapo Becherini and all of this is fantastic. He is a great fitness trainer, he is keeping me fit and has great experience. I like working with these people and I want to grow more and more."

Holger Rune