A detail makes difference in Camila Giorgi's lace outfit (WATCH)


A detail makes difference in Camila Giorgi's lace outfit (WATCH)
A detail makes difference in Camila Giorgi's lace outfit (WATCH)

Details make the difference, not only on the court, but also in fashion, as Italian tennis beauty Camila Giorgi knows well. Details make the difference even in this photo that Camila shared on Instagram. She, with a lawn in the background, wore a light lace top, combined with a pair of pure white super short shorts, and a long light jacket with a patterned texture.
The result is outstanding:

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Given the wrist problem that once again forced her to withdraw from the competition, Camila Giorgi will have to try to recover the best physical shape to return to compete at the highest levels in the WTA circuit.The chances of obtaining important results will in all likelihood present themselves on American hard courts, starting with the WTA 1000 in Montreal.

A very special city for the Italian: in 2021 many remember her incredible success in the event.Camila Giorgi is also in the spotlight for another rather delicate issue: in fact, an investigation against her for anti-Covid vaccinations is still open.

The Vicenza Public Prosecutor's Office had opened an investigation file for false green passes.According to what was reconstructed, the Italian only pretended to have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with the intention of obtaining the green pass anyway and not having travel restrictions , as well as regularly participating in tournaments on the WTA circuit that expressly required administration.

According the Italian media, the player, like all those involved in these investigations, would risk prosecution. The accusations made against the suspects for various reasons are of false ideology, embezzlement and corruption.At the Australian Open she said on the matter: "I had all the vaccinations possible in different places, it's the doctor's problem, not mine.

So I'm very calm about this situation." The italian should come back on the court for the Canadian Open, a tournament she already won.

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