Eugenie Bouchard is simply beautiful in Miami

Genie wore a purple dress for the opening of the Casadonna restaurant in Miami, Florida

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Eugenie Bouchard is simply beautiful in Miami
© Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

Eugenie Bouchard recently took part in the opening of the Casadonna restaurant in Miami, Florida. The beautiful Canadian tennis player wore a super sensual outfit for the occasion. Genie wore a purple dress, featuring a low-cut corset and mini-skirt.

In recent times, many athletes have stood out not only for their sporting skills, but also for their lifestyle and their interest in fashion. Among these, there is Eugenie Bouchard, a Canadian professional tennis player who is conquering the virtual catwalks, thanks to her Instagram profile full of fashion and trendy images.

Here is the post shared by the tennis player on her Instagram account:

The fashion side of Genie Bouchard

Known for her talent on the tennis court, Eugenie Bouchard is also making her way as a style icon.

Her Instagram account is a true source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. With 2.4 million followers, Eugenie regularly shares photos that demonstrate her love for elegance and luxury fashion brands. ne of the first things that strikes you about Eugenie Bouchard's Instagram account is her ability to wear elegant clothes with great ease.

Whether it's a tailored suit or an evening gown, Eugenie always looks flawless and confident. Her constant search for sophisticated outfits is evident in the numerous photos in which she shows off designer clothes from well-known brands.

But it's not just clothing that attracts the attention of users on social media. Eugenie Bouchard demonstrates that she has great attention to detail, even in her accessory choices. Every look she shares is completed with luxury jewelry, designer bags and high-fashion shoes.

These thoughtful details give a touch of elegance and fashion to every image of her. Bouchard also knows how to make the most of current trends. She is very attentive to the latest fashion news and she does not hesitate to adopt new styles and trendy colors.

From pastel tones to animal print fashion, Eugenie demonstrates that she knows the latest fashions well and knows how to wear them with great personality. Genie is making her way in the fashion world thanks to her Instagram profile.

With her sophisticated style, elegant outfits and luxurious accessories, the Canadian athlete has become a style icon for many fashion enthusiasts.

Eugenie Bouchard