Anstasia Potapova crushes her fans with a dangerously sensual bodysuit!

The beautiful Russian tennis player shared two new photos on Instagram that wowed her followers

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Anstasia Potapova crushes her fans with a dangerously sensual bodysuit!
© Anastasia Potapova Instagram account

The beautiful Russian tennis player Anastasia Potapova has crushed her Instagram followers with two new dangerously sensual photos! Anastasia is wearing what appears to be a low-cut black bodysuit with a solid-colored top or tight sweater over it.

The outfit is completed with black chunky boots. The girl is leaning against the wall in the first shot of her, while she is reclining on a designer chair in the second photo. She added to the post the essential word: "Women."

The engagement to Shevchenko

We at Tennis World USA told you a few weeks ago about the future marriage between the beautiful Russian tennis player and her colleague Alexander Shevchenko.

The two decided to take an important step: at the end of September, they announced their engagement on their social profiles. A photo of the two, with her engagement ring in plain sight, is enough to make the future marriage official.

Both often support each other during matches. Potapova was present in the stands of the Madrid Open to cheer on her future husband in the third round of the ATP Masters 1000 tournament, where he was defeated by her countryman Daniil Medvedev.

Anstasia has already won two WTA titles, one this season in Linz, in mid-February. "We've been dating for six months. Obviously I didn't know how it would work because planning in tennis is never easy. But somehow we managed to manage it and actually it's like we spent every week together and we see each other a lot, which is a great thing.

It's really helpful to have someone who can support you, not just on your team, but someone you're close to. It's someone who not only knows tennis but also wants what's best for you. Even if I sound like shit, he will still support me, so it's very nice to have someone like this on the tour. He understands," Potapova said last June.