Genie Bouchard showed off the most incredible outfit of the year

The beautiful Canadian tennis player, winner of the BJK Cup 2023, is enjoying the offseason, sharing truly sensational shots on Instagram, as one of her latest outfits

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Genie Bouchard showed off the most incredible outfit of the year
© Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

Genie Bouchard is enjoying the off-season, following her Billie Jean King Cup victory with Canada. After the end of the season, the beautiful Eugenie is spending some days off, between exotic paradises and beautiful evenings of fun.

Among the memories and shots that she recently shared on Instagram, there is a post with photos in which she is wearing one of the most sensual and incredible outfits of the year. In particular, Genie wore a neon yellow top with darker shimmering (and transparent?) rectangles.

Combined with the top, a very short miniskirt of the same color and same texture. High-heeled sandals and a gold-colored bag complete a crazy outfit!

Before the holidays and the mini outfits, the victory in the Fed Cup

Bouchard triumphed at the Billie Jean King Cup, beating Italy in the final thanks to the amazing performances of Leylah Fernandez and Marina Stakusic.

The victory in the final, as mentioned, came thanks to the two tennis players Leylah Fernandez and Marina Stakusic, who defeated the Italians Jasmine Paolini and Martina Trevisan, achieving the first historic success in the competition for the team, which follows the triumph of the team men's Davis Cup in 2022.

Genie didn't play the matches in the final, but she tried to dance the Macarena together with her classmates, even if the dance, according to the beautiful Canadian, is a skill that she hasn't cultivated over the years. Bouchard joked that her dancing skills were terrible, adding that she was trying to do like teammate Gabriela Dabrowski.

About the Macarena: "I also did the Macarena with Gaby, I think, who was leading me. I was actually following her, because I wasn't even sure how to do it. She's, lik: That's what happens when you play tennis for 20 years. You don't learn other skills!

It's been so fun. These girls are really fun to be with, and we all believe in each other and are able to relax. This morning when I came into the locker room, everyone was in such a good mood and everyone was so relaxed. I was actually almost a bit surprised.

It was finals day. I love the atmosphere of this team, and it gave me so much confidence in the girls that were going to play today."

Genie Bouchard