Paula Badosa looks lovely in her vacation outfit!

The beautiful Spanish tennis player is enjoying the off-season, after a year full of physical problems

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Paula Badosa looks lovely in her vacation outfit!
© Paula Badosa Instagram account

The beautiful Paula Badosa is enjoying the off-season in a beautiful exotic location. Among the sea, palm trees, plants and flowers, it is the magnetic gaze of the Spanish tennis player that stands out. The outfit worn by Paula fits perfectly with the colors of nature.

Her beautiful smile lights up the dark green vegetation, or the black and white photos. For the occasion, apart from a pair of bathing suits, Badosa wore a simple white tank top and a black skirt. Precise and elegant, in tune with nature.

And the holidays are also with Tsitsipas

Paula is enjoying her holidays as mentioned and, in some photos, she is with her boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsiaps.

The Greek talked about his girlfriend throughout the tennis season. In a recent interview, Tsitsipas said: "In the last three, four months I haven't managed to score many points, I admit it. I relied too much on what I had learned.

I thought I could do it even by abandoning discipline a little and concentrating a little. a little more about my talent, but that's not how it works. Deep down I feel like I want to change things and I want to have a good season finale.

I'm really hungry going into this latest indoor test. I have never trained so much in my entire career. Meeting Paula gave me a different outlook on life in general. Before it was always tennis, tennis, tennis, tennis, it was all that mattered, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And during that part of my young career, I didn't spend enough time with my family. Maybe for some these bonds are not so important, but for me they are fundamental. These are elements of my life that take time. Not really energy, because they are simply part of me.

So having Paula by my side now is amazing. I'm having the best time of my life. I have the right people around me, I have no doubts. It takes years to mature as a man or as a dominant athlete and I give myself time to do that. I really want to make my dream come true one day. I dream that Paula and I can do it together and be number one. I have nothing to prove to anyone."

Paula Badosa