Iga Swiatek influences Jennifer Lopez's style: the popstar wears the same red dress!


Iga Swiatek influences Jennifer Lopez's style: the popstar wears the same red dress!
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Iga Swiatek is preparing the new season, which is now upon us. The big goal at the beginning of the year, for her, is obviously the Australian Open, the Major - together with Wimbledon - she is trying to win. The 22-year-old is aware of her enormous potential and the pressure that will be placed on her in Melbourne.

In an interview with PZU, Iga explained that her priority, in view of this start of the season, will be to feel good physically, then the results will come: "To be honest, most of my objectives when I look at next season are not tied to the result, because more often than not I want my form to be stable for most of the season, to introduce things into my game that didn't exist before, to develop as a player and for my tennis to be more varied.

Over the course of my career I would like to win every Grand Slam and that is definitely the goal. But it's not the kind of goal where I'm like: well, it has to happen this year. I still have a little bit of time left." Meanwhile, as reported by the X account @TheTennisLetter, the red dress worn by the tennis player at the WTA Finasl Gala was honored by the popstar Jennifer Lopez.

JLo was photographed wearing the same dress model while she was putting on lipstick and looking sensually at the person photographed.

Swiatek focuses on the present

Returning to the interview that Iga gave to PZU, when asked how long she plans to stay in the Tour, she replied: "I've thought about it, I admit that I don't analyze it too much because I don't know what situation I'll find myself in, for example, between five or ten years.

It's difficult to make predictions. I'm the type of person who likes to finish what I start, so I'll probably be playing for a long time. But, like I said, people change, life paths are different and you never know what will happen in 10 years.

So I don't think about it at all, for now I focus on training well tomorrow. Now that I'm at home during the preparation period, the preparation regime for a match is much less, so I can dedicate a little more time to social media.

During the season and tournaments I use them much less because I also avoid these types of situations. Maybe they make me read something that catches my attention. Of course, there's a lot of hate now, so it's not like you can surf the Internet freely."

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