Serena Williams and Roger Federer shine in their new classy outfits

The two greatest legends of men's and women's tennis attended two events dedicated to them, wearing magnificent outfits

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams and Roger Federer shine in their new classy outfits
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Serena Williams and Roger Federer have transcended tennis during their legendary careers, becoming true pop, style and fashion icons. Their outfits were always much appreciated by fans. Fashionable, eclectic, classic or whimsical; there was always something that could surprise us.

Serena also shone in these hours, when she attended the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of In the Arena: Serena Williams. Serena wore a pale pink dress with a brighter pink stiff bust and a light flowing skirt. She has matching shoes and matching jewellery. Roger, at the premiere of his upcoming Prime Video docu-series Federer: Twelve Final Days, wore a dark gray two-button suit combined with a classic white shirt and black tie. Coordinated with dark sunglasses. For Serena and Roger the results were clear: classy!

In an interview for Extra The King, Federer spoke about the Prime Video series and his life after retiring from tennis.

"I always thought that my career could end at any moment due to injury and in my head I always said: 'It's just tennis'. Every time I won a match or a tournament I tried to remember it, I knew it could be the last time. You always have to make a life for yourself beyond tennis because in the end there will always be a time when you won't be a tennis player anymore. This mentality has helped me a lot and has certainly helped my process towards saying goodbye to this sport Roger kid I would say prepare for a fantastic life, many times in the spotlight and a life where I will have a lot of fun.

I am happy that I have managed to last this long in front of the tennis crowd and on the most important courts in the world past, I think my career was better than I expected, I won a lot and I'm happy. After the retreat everything went as expected, I can say it was fantastic, it's true, I was unlucky with the knee problems but this has helped me to understand recently what my life would have been like without tennis. I spend more time at home, I have four children, two sets of twins aged 14 and 10 and we have a lot of fun. We've traveled all over the world, we have fun and obviously I help them with school and this part of my life is wonderful," he told.

Roger Federer
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Not only. Federer received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Dartmouth University on Sunday. In a beautiful speech in front of the 11 thousand people present to listen to him, the Swiss told:

"Being confident is a talent, embracing and loving the process are talents. In short, dressing your life is part of a talent. It's not true, I worked hard to make my tennis easy, I spent years swearing before I kept calm and the truth is that I didn't get where I am with pure talent, I got there by trying to overcome my opponents and believing in myself. It's not about having a gift but rather you have to have grit and courage. In tennis as in life, discipline is a talent. And so is having patience. I left school at 16 to play tennis full time. I never went to college and I can say I majored in tennis. The correct wording is retired from tennis but this word is horrendous, I'm simply done with an important journey and I'm moving on to the next thing. Many people ask me what I do after tennis and the reality is that I don't know and it's okay not to know. I'm a dad who plays and lives with my daughters, I enjoy life as a tennis graduate and today I want to share some lessons with you all."

A few months ago,

Roger Federer
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however, Serena shared a beautiful message about mental health. She clarified through a social post how there was a moment when she didn't feel well but that ultimately there were no problems with this, that it was simply normal.

"I'm not okay. And it's okay to not be okay. No one is okay all the time and every day. If you're not okay today, I'm with you. There will always be a tomorrow. I love you," she wrote.

More and more tennis players are talking about mental health issues, a serious problem that should not be abandoned.

Serena Williams
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