How the professional world has encroached upon personal lives

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How the professional world has encroached upon personal lives

Thanks to the advent and development of smartphones, professional accessibility has become quite easy. It’s become possible to send out official emails and messages and complete professional tasks via these smartphones.

The time-requirement has also been removed as professionals can work all day long, if needed. But there is also a huge drawback to a professional being constantly connected to his work electronically, after office hours. The finding of a research carried out by Virginia Tech suggests that anxiety is common among such professionals who continue to check their official email accounts while at home with their family.

Their families also suffer from anxiety. The research study points out that this is reason enough for professionals to stay away from their work while spending time with their families. The finding also states that the professionals’ attitude towards work affects their attitude towards their families.

It also impacts the relationship of the professionals with their families. According to the co-author of the research study, “The competing demands of work and non-work lives present a dilemma for employees, which triggers feelings of anxiety and endangers work and personal lives.” In an attempt to provide a solution to this problem, the study identifies that professionals were to stop checking their work-related emails and messages after their work hours. Becker stated, “Turn off your phone, put it away and engage in real life.”