Better Roger Federer glass-house or Michael Jordan's dream supercars?

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Better Roger Federer glass-house or Michael Jordan's dream supercars?

Better Roger Federer glass-house or Michael Jordan's dream supercars? A challenge between two champions with two incredible and luxurious assets: The Swiss' fairytale glass-house or the amazing supercars of Air-Jordan.

Roger Federer's glass-house is a £ 6.5m property fairytale house, where it will surely be very pleasant to relax and train even in a quarantine period. His is a three-storey home built from scratch with two separate apartments for guests.

Federer's parents, Robert and Lynette, spend time with their son and his wife Mirka and their four grandchildren in this amazing villa, technologically and aesthetically at avant-garde. The property of the Swiss Maestro has a swimming pool, a multifunctional gym, a spa for relaxing moments and an underground car park.

In these photos we can admire the interior of the amazing Roger Federer's house, between windows, swimming pools, gyms and the splendid background of Lake Zurich: an enchanting place to rest and spend time, even when we are in a particular period like this one .

Federer's house has ceiling windows, large balconies with a spectacular view on Lake Zurich, and features a glass dome over the living space. The home was built from scratch, and it is equipped with all the comforts needed to meet all the requirements that a world-renowned sportsman is looking for.

Michael Jordan and his dream supercars

When Michael Jordan signed the 6 million per season contract for seven years with Chicago Bulls, he bought seven cars in one fell swoop, between Mercedes and Pontiac, for himself and his family members.

In the MJ car fleet, valued at $ 10 million, there are for example a luxury Cadillac XLR, luxury roadster produced from 2003 to 2009 and a Corvette ZR1, one of the 220 models that the house made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the model.

Jordan, thanks to the collaboration with Chevrolet, purchased an additional jewel: a Corvette C4 with the personalized Jump23 plate, his nickname. Another fundamental step to fill the garage occurred in 1985, when Michael Jordan launched the Air Jordan shoe brand, made by Nike.

Thanks to the fabulous contract, the fees grew and in the early 90s, MJ took the whim of buying a black Ferrari Testarossa. Later he wanted one with a red bodywork and also bought a 599 Gtb Fiorano from 320 thousand dollars.

Among Jordan's passions and supercars, the legendary cars of Sant'Agata Bolognese could not be missing. In fact, he owned a Lamborghini Gallardo, while last year he purchased a new Urus, the maxi sports SUV with a 650Cv biturbo V8 engine, a very popular car also by many other sports big names and show business personalities.

His collection was later enriched with an Aston Martin DB7 Volante, then a DB9 Volante and various Mercedes-Benzs, including a CL 65 in 2005, a SL 55 AMG and a $ 450,000 Slr McLaren 722 Edition. During his career he also owned several 911s (the 930, 964 and 993 series): moreover, he publicly declared that he was inspired by the Porsche icon in the creation of one of the Air Jordan shoe models.

It has never been photographed in the saddle but it seems that in the garage he also had a Ducati 999 while it makes you smile that in the midst of so many four-wheeled jewels, he often used a Toyota Land Cruiser for short trips with the family.