Golf through the ages, the top courses

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Golf through the ages, the top courses

Although the modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century, the roots can be traced as far back as 100BC Rome. The golf game has evolved in a lot of ways since it has invented. It was, for example, previously played over 22 holes.

In the 18th century this was reduced to 18 holes, which is now the standard. The oldest golf tournament is worldwide is the Open Championship, which has been running for môre than 160 years. It takes place in the United Kingdom.

The prize is now the coveted Claret Jug, which replaced the Challenge Belt. Another important championship is the US Open, which has been going since 1895. Although it is not the oldest, it offers the highest purse of all the worldwide golf tournaments.

The ancient and enduring myth that the word ‘golf’ is an acronym for ‘gentlemen only, ladies forbidden’, has also been busted, much to the dismay of many a male golfer enjoying time away from the trappings of everyday life.

While it is true that women weren’t allowed to play golf for ages, the name actually stems from the medieval Dutch word ‘kolf’ which meant ‘club’. The LPGA Majors is the premier women-only tournament.

It is run by one of the oldest continuing women’s professional organizations in the world, namely the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Their ongoing mission is to encourage young women to play more golf.

Top golf courses worldwide

One of the major benefits of playing golf is the often breathtaking surroundings as golf courses are without a doubt among the most beautiful sporting facilities, with their well-tended, evergreen landscaping.

The widely regarded Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland is without a doubt the most significant course in golf’s history. It is seen as the place where the modern game was shaped and has hosted The Open more than any other course in the UK.

On the other side of the world, New York’s Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is one of the best examples of the Isles links style, whereas Pennsylvania’s Oakmont Country Club is regarded as one of the most challenging greens worldwide.

Whether you play professionally, regularly or just on occasion, there are many reasons to love golf as a lifestyle sport. It is practiced in a picturesque setting and rewards skill and patience over physical fitness, meaning you can play it no matter your age.

Golf is the perfect sport to enjoy at a leisurely pace, making it popular among those who want to relax and see the world in their spare time.