Is there a red tee in your golf bag?

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Is there a red tee in your golf bag?

When you think about it, golf is a pretty strange game. Not only do you need long, skinny clubs to hit a little white ball with dimples, you often have to do it whilst battling the elements like heat, rain, wind and fog. In a world were technique and precision is key to success, it is amazing how many superstitions golfers adhere to.

To a non-golfer, some of these may seem laughable and foolish, but they make perfect sense to most avid golfers.

  • Empty your trouser pockets before you start your game. Put your wallet, car keys and golf tees in your golf bag.

    Not doing so will impact your swing.

  • Never use a red tee when playing golf: although no one is really sure, some people believe it is because the color red is associated with danger. Playing with a red tee will undoubtedly lead to a dangerous round of inaccurate shots.
  • Playing a birdie on your first hole means the rest of your round will go downhill.
  • Play the club you took out of the bag: according to legend, if you change your mind on the club you selected, and return it without using it, your round will be ruined.
  • Don’t use a ball you have just washed to tee off.

    You have to wait at least one hole before using a freshly washed ball.

  • Never, ever wash your ball if you are having an exceptional round of golf. Washing it will inevitably change your luck.
  • Do not use a water ball on a hole with a water hazards.

    A water ball is one that has been hit into the water at some point and then retrieved. If you use this ball to tee off on another water hazard hole, it’s like giving up before you’ve even started.

  • If you make a putt of more than three feet, tap the inside of the cup with the ball as you take it out.
  • Don’t mark your ball with a coin smaller than a quarter.

    Anything less than 25 cents, indicates that you are cheap.

  • Never pick up an out-of-bounds ball unless it is your own. If you do, you are picking up someone else’s poor shot and bringing it into your own game.
  • Don’t use a ball you’ve just found.

    It’s fine to keep your golf course gift for future use, but using it during your current game, will make you hit bad shots.

  • Even if you don’t intend on using it, always keep your lucky club in your bag.

Famous golfers’ superstitions

While it makes no sense to the rest of us, even the pro’s stick to certain superstitions to help them get their game on.

Tiger Woods is known for almost always wearing a red shirt for the final round of a tournament. This superstition came from his mother, who believes red represents power. Paula Creamer also changes her shirt for the final round, earning her the title of the golfing world’s pink panther – her signature final-round dress code colour.

Golfer Tom Weiskoff believes in the power of threes. Before he hits the green, he needs three cents and three tees in his pocket. Golfing legend Ernie Els believes every ball only has one birdie in it. Once your ball has hit its birdie, you need to switch it out for a new one.

Whether or not these superstitions aided in their success one will never know, but it certainly is a good golfing point to ponder.