Top tips to start sleeping like a pro

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Top tips to start sleeping like a pro

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your overall health and function. Quality sleep may even reduce your risk of developing certain illnesses such as heart disease and stroke. It can also help you focus, improve your quality of life and reduce stress.

A lack of sleep can also have a very negative influence on your mood, as well as your performance at work. Sleep is critical to brain function, influencing cognition, concentration, productivity and performance. A lack thereof has been found to negatively impact some aspects of brain function to a similar degree as alcohol intoxication.

According to a study by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, children and adults with short sleep duration were 89 per cent and 55 per cent more likely to develop obesity, due to the role sleep plays in our hormonal balance, exercise motivation and overall mood.

A healthy diet is crucial to good health and a great place to start when it comes to sleeping better. Eating poorly, especially in the hours before bedtime, can disrupt the quality of your sleep you. Be sure to steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

Also avoid carbohydrates immediately prior to sleep, but do not remove it from your eating plan altogether.

Foods that will aid your sleep

  1. 1.Bananas has a wealth of important nutrients that promote better rest, including magnesium, which has been shown to reduce anxiety.

    Anxiety is one of the leading causes of sleeplessness. Bananas also help the body synthesize serotonin, which is a calming hormone. It is therefore the number 1 bedtime snack.

  2. Walnuts and almonds are rich in melatonin and can help regulate your sleeping pattern and improve the quality of your rest.
  3. Cottage cheese is high in lean protein and amino acid tryptophan.

    This may increase serotonin levels which reduces the risk of insomnia.

  4. Chamomile tea reduces inflammation, anxiety and treat insomnia. It has calming properties and will help you feel more relaxed and sleep easier in a natural way.
  5. Fatty fish such as trout, tuna, salmon and mackerel, is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin D, which has the potential to enhance sleep quality.
  6. Fruit like oranges, kiwi fruit, cherries and pineapple may help you fall asleep faster and wake up less often during the night.
They say you are what you eat. Make sure you eat the right foods to help you sleep like a pro!