Rafael Nadal, the multi-millionaire with the big heart

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Rafael Nadal, the multi-millionaire with the big heart
Rafael Nadal, the multi-millionaire with the big heart

Rafael Nadal's all-time, record-setting feats on the tennis court earned him more than $120 million in straight-up tournament winnings alone. With an estimated net worth of around $200 million, his many lucrative endorsement deals are also paying off.

He has quite a reputation for living it up as a multi-millionaire, including famously playing in the French Open last year wearing a limited edition Richard Mille watch valued at $725,000 according to Business Insider. One of the ironies of being rich and visible is that you no longer have to spend your money on certain luxuries.

In fact, if you play your cards right, you may even get paid for it.

Rafael Nadal makes life work for him

Rafael works with Emporio Armani, who comps his impeccable off-the-court wardrobe. He also signed a long-term endorsement deal with powerhouse, Nike, in 2014 worth a reported $50 million.

He also has partnerships with the likes of Telefonica, Babolat and Kia Motors. Nadal has also served as Kia Motors’ top brand ambassador since 2004. “I look back 15 years ago and it seems incredible to me everything we’ve achieved,” he recently said.The car manufacturer sponsors events on his behalf and they have a long-running series of television advertisements together.

Although the cars he buys himself are on another level, Rafael is regularly seen taking a new Kia for a spin and showing off their cars. Nadal has quite expensive taste when it comes to his own vehicles, which includes an Aston Martin and Ferrari.

He also owns a 77-foot yacht named Beethoven. According to Yacht Harbour the vessel is worth about $2,8 million. He also owns a mansion in his hometown of Mallorca worth around $1,5 million, as well as a luxury villa worth $2 million in the Dominican Republic, according to Realty Today.

A man with a big heart, Nadal doesn’t only spend his money on himself. In 2016 Nadal opened a tennis academy and alongside NBA player Pau Gasol, he put up $10 million and counting to raise money for Spain during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to this, he has ongoing charitable efforts on behalf of children with intellectual disabilities. In 2008, he started the Fundación Rafa Nadal. Run by his mother, it helps disadvantaged kids. Rafael Nadal is definitely a big spender with an even bigger heart.

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