10 interesting health facts that may change the way you think

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10 interesting health facts that may change the way you think

Even though some of them may be hard to believe, it is 100% the truth, with the necessary research to back it up.

  1. You may think your nostrils work at the same time when it comes to breathing in and out, but that is not the case.

    Research published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal found that nostrils take turns to breath. Every few hours, another nostril takes over and so it goes on ad Infinium.

  2. Anxiety can worsen bad smells. According to Journal of Neuroscience anxious people experience bad smells even worse than other people.

    Even neutral smells could smell unpleasant for those suffering from anxiety.

  3. Men are more forgetful than women. Quite a few research projects that studied male and female memories found that men are more forgetful than women.

    The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology goes so far as to say the difference in memory ability could be because of the differing brain structures of men and women.

  4. Eggs improve your reflexes. It contains an amino acid named Tyrosine that allows your body to increase levels of energy and readiness.

    In a research report in the Neuropsychologia-journal it was found that Tyrosine can increase your intellectual behaviour and reaction time.

You are not only what you eat

  1. About a tenth of your body mass is contained in your blood.

    Your mass does not just consist of muscle, fat and bone. Blood makes up between eight to ten percent of your total body mass. Studies has shown that the average adult has about four to five litres of blood in their bodies.

  2. Babies are born with almost no blood.

    A new-born has as little as one cup of blood in its body.

  3. Red meat makes your B.O worse. Apparently, meat can have a massive influence on how good or bad your body odours are.
  4. Fat leaves the body through the lungs. Most people believe you lose weight by sweating.

    The truth is that 84% of weight loss happens through your lungs. The leftover 16% leaves your body as urine, sweat, tears and other fluids.

  5. People are starting to grow an extra bone in their knees named the fabella. It is a small bone, and no one really knows what its purpose is, but more and more people are starting to develop it.
  6. High heels lead to better decisions.

    A report in the Journal of Marketing Research found that people who do shopping in heals, make better decisions than those in flats. According to researchers it is because in high heels you have a better sense of balance and this helps you to think and spend in a more balanced way.