How the other side lives: Alex Rodriguez

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How the other side lives: Alex Rodriguez

As the highest paid baseball player in history, the world is pretty much Alex Rodriguez' oyster. Having signed two of the largest contracts in MLB history A-Rod is hitting it out of the park, making $21 million this season, and still has two more years left on the monster deal he signed in 2007.

He made $6 million last year, even though he was suspended and didn't play a single game. Derek Jeter, the 2nd-highest paid player, trails Rodriguez by more than $100 million. And when it comes to spending his hard-earned cash, A-Rod is a pro.

In 2007 A-Rod bought a Gulfstream IV jet, according to the NY Post. He is also rumored to own a Porsche 911 Convertible, Maybach 57s and a Ferrari 575 Maranello.

Making his money work for him

In 2010, he bought a $7.4 million piece of land in Miami for his future home.

Using his own construction company (Newport Property Construction, a company based in Florida), he then spent millions more building a "20,000-square-foot modern, minimalistic home." After living in it for a year, he sold the mansion for $30 million in 2013, pocketing a solid profit.

He later purchased a Miami beach condo for $2.1 million which he sold little less than a year later for nearly $2.6 million. More recently, he bought Meryl Streep’s house in Hollywood Hills for $4.8 million. A-Rod is also an avid art fan with a vast collection that includes pieces by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Nate Lowman.

His Nate Lowman painting is reportedly worth $140,000. Apart from his construction company and buying and selling property, A-Rod has various different business interests and makes his money work for him. In 2004, he became a partial owner of a Mercedes-Benz car dealership in League City, Texas.

It was named "Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz." In 2014, Group 1 Automotive bought the dealership and changed the name to “Mercedes-Benz of Clear Lake”. A-Rod has also invested in the Mexican gym franchise Energy Fitness.

A-Rod is also no scrooge when it comes to those he cares about and likes to share his wealth with those close to him. He once reportedly spent $17,000 at a New York boutique while shopping with his niece and then-girlfriend Torrie Wilson.

Since 2004, he has bought every rookie on his team three suits each. With two years and $40 million left on his Yankees contract, A-Rod’s historic earnings figure is only going to grow.