12 Apostles Hotel in South Africa

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12 Apostles Hotel in South Africa

No one can deny the real impact of climate change. The drought of recent years seems to have been replaced by more, equally devastating acts of Mother Nature, such as the recent unseasonal and damaging storms, which according to scientists and climate change specialists, are only going to get worse.

MAKE TRAVEL MATTER The award-winning 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is built on the site of the original house known as ‘Oudekraal’, overlooking the very rocks on which The Antipolis shipwreck now resides. The hull of this oil tanker, which had run aground in 1977, had been lying dormant for 45 years, was washed onto the rocks at Oudekraal near Camps Bay.

The occurrence has sparked renewed interest in the wreck and numerous others in the area that has, at nature’s behest, been brought to light again. The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is the only building on this part of the notoriously hazardous shoreline because of its situation within a protected national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The two white front gables of the hotel façade stand out when viewed from the sea and to this day, there is still a legal (maritime) requirement that the gables be maintained white, in order to be visible from the ocean.

And in a quiet corner of the Fynbos Garden in the hotel grounds, overlooking the sea, a piece of wood carrying the ship’s name and a plaque bearing the details of the incident all those years ago, provides a reminder to visitors of the phenomenal force of the natural world and man’s relationship with it.

FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY AND SAFEGUARDING THE FUTURE The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa are only too aware of the role tourism needs to play in order to safeguard the natural environment for the future. The hotel occupies a unique position flanked by the Twelve Apostles Mountain range and majestic Table Mountain National Park, overlooking a luminescent marine reserve with frequent whale and dolphin sightings.

A focus on sustainability is at the very heart of everything they do. They work in partnership with the non-profit TreadRight Foundation and also encourage guests and local communities to join them in their sustainability journey.