A city for a champion: Mallorca, Isle birthplace of Rafael Nadal

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A city for a champion: Mallorca, Isle birthplace of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is the King of Clay, the greatest player in the history of tennis on clay-courts, ruler of Roland Garros, of which he won 12 titles and one of the strongest tennis players in the history of tennis, winner of 19 Slams, one title from record that still belongs to Roger Federer.

The Spanaird is one of the crowd's favorite champions and Federer's biggest rival, along with Novak Djokovic. Nadal was born in Manacor, on the island of Mallorca. Mallorca alternates kilometer-long white beaches with more hidden beaches with crystal clear sea.

Small fishing villages, streams, rivers, arid mountains and a summer climate make it one of the most popular destinations for European tourists. All this makes Mallorca an island for everyone, even if it is no longer the paradise it was a few decades ago.

Mass tourism attacks this island every July-August, pouring a few million tourists, mainly British and Germans, onto the coasts and hotels. Attracted by the Mediterranean climate, with a spring temperature that lasts all year round, summer tourists concentrate in some areas, leaving much of the island in peace.

Caves, beaches and a great cousine

Founded by the Romans in 123 BC, Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands. The beautiful sea, the pleasant climate and the entertainment make it a perfect city for holidays.

Discos and pubs in the historic center, trendy clubs and characteristic shops, entertainment and relaxation, but also monuments such as the Arab Baths, the Gothic Cathedral and the Palau dell’Almudaina. The south coast alternates with crowded beaches such as those of Manacor and Palma, small pristine beaches and lonely coves, perfect for those who want a little privacy.

The caves of Mallorca are one of the highlights of the island: the most famous are the Caves of the Dragon, the Caves of Hams, where artificial lighting creates a magical atmosphere, the Caves of Artà, the Caves of Campanet and the Caves of Gènova.

The most beautiful natural parks in Mallorca are the archipelago of Cabrera, the Albufera Reserve and the Mondragò Reserve, with beaches, dunes, coral-type marine deposits and streams. Mirador des Colomer is a cliff that offers spectacular views of the sea and the island.

Continuing along the route, the more intrepid will reach the rocky promontory of Cap de Formentor, on which the lighthouse stands austere. Majorcan cuisine, even if it tries to adapt to the tastes of the tourists who flock to the island every year, is typically Mediterranean.

Typical dishes are based on fish, pork and rabbit; there is no shortage of vegetables and fresh fruit. The typical dishes are: the trempó, that is a fresh salad of tomatoes, garlic, oil, vinegar and chilli, the Arròs Brut, made with pork, rice and vegetables, and the Botifarrons, a pie of meat and blood of pig.