A city for a champion: Athens, birthplace of Stefanos Tsitsipas

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A city for a champion: Athens, birthplace of Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tistispas, winner of the 2019 ATP Finals, is perhaps the strongest and most complete player of his generation. Winner of 6 ATP titles, he reached 5th position in the ATP ranking and the semifinal of the 2019 Australian Open as his best result in the Slams.

Although he has shown that he is still not at the same level as the Big Three, Tsitsipas can aspire to become a Slam champion in the coming years. Tsitsipas was born in Athens, in Greece. Athens, with its charm, its art and its mystery, has been the center of the world of literature, art and philosophy.

Homeland of Socrates and Plato, the history of Athens is linked to the homonymous goddess Athena, to whom the temple on the Acropolis is dedicated. And the Acropolis, which dominates the surrounding valley from a spur of rock, is certainly the symbol of the city, capable of evoking the classical world in an atmosphere full of charm and beauty.

Temples, theaters, statues, loggias and museums: the Acropolis of Athens is certainly one of the most evocative places in the world. The Agorà, for the Athenians, was the commercial, political and administrative heart of Athens and all men gathered here to make important political decisions and conclude business.

Athens: among museums, amazing places and a great cousine

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens traces the origins of this fascinating country on the Mediterranean: on the ground floor, the sculpture section and the prehistoric one, where the beginnings of the history of Greece are traced, while on the second floor there is the splendid collection of ceramics.

The Monastiraki district buzzes with life thanks to the famous market held in these parts: an explosion of colors and liveliness with all its trinkets. The Plaka is an area inhabited for about 7,000 years that has not been affected and modified by excavations.

Due to its unaltered appearance, the Plaka is one of the most touristic areas of the city with its characteristic shops, Byzantine buildings and churches, monuments just hidden by the small streets. Greek cuisine will amaze you with spices, herbs and an oil that is really dripping gold thanks to its intense flavor and its genuineness.

Zadziki is a simple and delicious sauce made with cucumbers, garlic and yogurt, feta a very good low-fat goat or sheep cheese: Greek cuisine is very inviting and succulent. In Athens you can dance until dawn in very trendy nightclubs or have drinks in characteristic bars where you can entertain yourself between a chat and another.

Here the night is always young: the restaurants and taverns do not close before one o'clock and the clubs play all kinds of music, from traditional Greek to hip hop, at least until 5 in the morning.