Intown Golf Club - The millennial answer to golf courses

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Intown Golf Club - The millennial answer to golf courses

Two Atlanta-based tech entrepreneurs, David Cummings and Michael Williamson, planned the Intown Golf Club development based on the belief that millennials are less likely than their parents and grandparents to join exclusive traditional golf clubs.

They believe this model will lure more of today’s young professionals.

More golfing bang for your buck.

According to a 2020 GGA Partners survey of more than 1 600 millennial golfers, time and cost are the biggest factors with regards to sport and club memberships to these youngsters.

Today’s 30- and 40-somethings do not have the time or inclination to spend half a day on the green and furthermore might not have the means to acquire a six-figure membership. Cummings and Williamson wants to fill this social void with their new club.

With an estimated cost of $2,5 million, the facility will post 10 prestigious Trackman virtual swing bays instead of a sprawling 18-hole course. These virtual swing bays will feature large screens, 4K graphics and cutting edge launch-monitor tech with radar and high-speed cameras.

The course simulations will include a variety of famous golfing venues such as St. Andrews in Scotland. Without having to walk the length of an 18-hole course, a group can get in a game over a 45-minute lunch break! “The millennial generation—brought up on Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat, and more so for those living in urban areas—they want that live, work, play, and walkability component to it,” Cummings, who founded the Atlanta Tech Village, a commercial real-estate venture targeted at startups, told the Business Chronicle.

“Then the time of traditional golf, it’s typically a six-hour endeavor, four-and-a-half hours of playing and driving to the course and warming up and having some drinks afterwards”. There will also be male and female locker Rooms, a members-only restaurant, conference rooms, a fitness center and a pro shop.

The club will offer a variety of membership levels with prices around “a few thousand dollars” per year, according to Cummings. The Intown Golf Club will span roughly 12,000 square feet, taking over a former USAA office space at Two Buckhead Plaza, the Business Chronicle reported.

Its footprint will include a patio that looks out onto Peachtree Road, diagonal from burger restaurant Shake Shack and next door to King + Duke, Ford Fry’s temple of wood-fired cuisine. Investors of this elite new Intown Golf Club includes tennis pro, Andy Roddick and his model/actress wife, Brooklyn Decker. The long-term plan is to expand into other cities like Washington, D.C, Nashville, Charlotte, Austin and Philadelphia.