You can live on an island and get paid to do it!

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You can live on an island and get paid to do it!

With the world experiencing an unprecedented amount of chaos, no one will blame you for wanting to pack your bags and ship off to an island far, far away. But did you know this seemingly impossible dream could actually come true—and you wouldn’t have to pay a dime? There are a handful of remote islands that are prepared to sponsor your move, give you a house and help you set up a business.

All you must do, is sit back and relax.

  1. Antikythera, Greece
Imagine living on the windswept coastline of the Aegean Sea, a short two-hour ferry ride from Crete . . . To repopulate (it only has 20 residents), the local Greek Orthodox Church is sponsoring families to move.

You would be given land, a house, and a $590 monthly stipend for the first three years you live there. That equates to about $21,000 when all is said and done.

  1. Isle of Rum, Scotland
Honestly, with a name like that, what more do you need? The local government is building eco-friendly houses for families and jogs span from fishing to childcare.

Isle of rum is a community of 30 people on the western side of Scotland. Natural wonders like the mountains and cascading waterfalls and scenic attractions like an Edwardian-era castle, make it even more worthy of settling down there.

  1. Sicily, Italy
If you’ve ever considered quitting your 9-5, escaping to Italy could be a way to turn your fantasy into reality. According to CNN, the mayor of Cammarata, a hilltop hamlet just south of Palermo where Olympic horses used to train, is giving historic villas for free to new residents in order to rebuild the community.

The catch? You have to renovate the year within three years and put down a $5 900 security deposit which would be returned to you once construction is gone. An added bonus – if you have a child after your move, the government will give you $1 180.

Molise, a region in southern Italy, paid a $825 monthly stipend for three years—that's around $29,700 total—for people to open a business in the area.

  1. Arranmore, Ireland
Look for your own pot of gold in this hidden cay off the northwest coast of Ireland.

Arranmore has devised a plan to draw newcomers to its shores. With only 469 residents in 2019, is asking Americans and Australians to consider relocating to the craggy outcrop. In addition to its fresh seafood, secluded beaches, and free-flowing Guinness (it is Ireland, after all), the island boasts a vibrant start-up scene with digital workspaces and high-speed internet access.

Remote workers can apply to the nation's generous Enterprise Ireland program to potentially score more than $945,000 in funding.

Why stay in the ‘burbs when you could have own slice of paradise?

  1. Mauritius
If you are ready to go (almost) completely off the grid, Mauritius is the place for you.

Known for its pristine lagoons and lush rainforests, is set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just off the edge of East Africa and Madagascar, it is the perfect island getaway. As part of the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme, launched in 2010, select entrepreneurs will be paid up to $500 per month for a year to start their own venture.

It might not sound like much, but with the cost of living so low on the island, a little goes a long way.

  1. South Island, New Zealand
Beyond its beauty, New Zealand is known for its quality of life, safety, and affordability.

In 2016, Kaitangata, a rural village on the farthest tip of New Zealand's South Island, contributed house and land packages for more than than $160,000 USD at the time for people to relocate, according to The Guardian.

The tiny town had 1,000 open jobs in the agricultural and tourism fields.

  1. Sark, England
The smallest of England's four Channel Islands, Sark is completely car-free and therefore the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who get around by hiking, cycling, or taking a quaint horse and carriage ride.

It has breathtaking sandy beaches, bountiful wildlife and out-of-this-world stargazing. The Sark Society, an organization that builds awareness for the tax-free isle and aims to double its population of 500. Right now, there is a limited "freedom of movement" initiative that makes it easy for people with EU, EEA, or Swiss passports to relocate without a visa until Dec. 31, 2020. With these and other options, your dream of living on an island can easily turn into reality.