It’s time to book your next holiday abroad!

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It’s time to book your next holiday abroad!

As the world starts to cautiously relax into the ‘new normal’ international borders are also starting to open slowly but surely – with the necessary safety precautions, of course. A growing number of countries are starting to let travellers back in, provided all tourists meet several health qualifications.

These gorgeous but underrated places, none of which require a two-week quarantine period upon arrival, is within reach and well worth a visit. Belarus is at the top of the list of underrated European destinations. This Eastern European country draws visitors for its crumbling castles in the countryside, and vibrant capital city, Minsk.

It boasts impressive landscapes and wildlife (the rare European bison lives here). You won’t need to produce a negative Covid-19 test although your temperature might be taken at the airport. Croatia is possibly one of the most famous Balkan countries, and it’s no secret why.

Croatia's number one tourist attraction is the walled city of Dubrovnik, but the rest of the country remains somewhat off-the-beaten-path for most tourists. To gain entry you need to arrive with a administered within 48 hours of arrival.

If you arrive with a negative test taken outside that window, you'll have to quarantine for seven days, after which you can take a test locally.
Montenegro is another picturesque Balkan country that is allowing travellers back in.

You will need to present either a negative PCR test result for a new coronavirus or a positive result of an antibody to a new test, per the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro. North Macedonia is the third Balkan country on this list.

It is famous for its sculpture-filled capital, Skopje. The country is now welcoming guests with hardly any restrictions. You simply need to have your temperature taken at the airport. Masks and social distancing are required throughout the country, and some capacity restrictions are in place.

Avoid the hustling, bustling crowds

Egypt is ideal to visit now, before the big crowds start arriving again. Make your dream of seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza and countless other attractions a reality. You need to produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within the last 72 hours and need to show proof of health insurance upon arrival.

Albania is the perfect place for the vacation-starved. It is not as crowded as some of its neighbours, even though it has beaches, mountains, ancient sites, and an incredible Mediterranean climate. You don’t need a negative COVID test, but wearing a mask is mandatory in public spaces throughout the country.

Dominica as a lush Caribbean island slightly off the beaten track with fewer than 100 000 overnight-tourists per year. You will be welcomed with open arms as long as you arrive with a negative COVID-19 PCR test that's less than 72 hours old and fill out a health questionnaire 24 hours before arrival.