Is 2021 the year for travel?

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Is 2021 the year for travel?

According to Forbes, many signs point to a quick rebound for travel in 2021 because people will want to make up for missed travel while others will want to cash in on travel vouchers which might expire soon. According to a survey by booking platform GetYourGuide U.S.

travelers are already planning to take more leisure trips in 2021 than they did in both 2019 and 2020. Another survey by found that 39% of travelers feel "very confident" about travel next year.

44% say they're "somewhat" confident while only are not confident about travel. Travel Advisors COVID-19 Sentiment Barometer found strong interest in domestic destinations, with 42% of inquiries received being U.S.

destinations, compared to only about 16% of all inquiries before COVID. Over the last four weeks, has seen an incredible 368% jump in searches for international destinations for travel in January. Its data suggests this growing consumer confidence continues, with searches for travel in July, rising by 94%.

When it comes to travel, timing is everything. No one knows the future, as this year showed us with a vengeance, but there are ample signs are pointing to a bounce-back, which could make 2021 the year of travel. It will however probably depend on how soon a vaccine becomes available and how quickly the number of COVID cases declines.

And herein lies the problem: if you book a vacation now for next year, there could be a second wave of the pandemic. You may also lose your job, and then your vacation, thanks to a heartless but totally understandable refund policy.

Wait too long, and you could pay more for your vacation and get stuck in a crowd. Travel is going to look different post-corona virus, but this may not be a bad thing. Cities that were once crowded will suddenly be enjoyable again, though it is likely many travellers will opt for more isolated escapes.

Great examples of these would be a road trip in the USA, New Zealand, Botswana, South Africa, Austria, the Greek Islands, Montenegro, Namibia, Slovenia and Australia. Whether 2021 will really be the year of travel remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, we can’t stay at home forever!