Get paid to travel post-lockdown

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Get paid to travel post-lockdown

In an effort to re-ignite their tourism sectors, a whole host of great destinations in Europe are offering interesting incentives to attract you to their shores as soon as possible.
Hoping to re-boost their tourism sectors, a host of trendy destinations in Europe are offering an array of incentives to attract you to their shores once possible.

As the world settles into its “new normal”, international travel is becoming a possibility again and there are a few places in Europe that is willing to welcome you with open arms and a little bit more.

Spread your wings and fly

If a Mediterranean Sea getaway on an Italian island is what you are looking for, now is the right time as it may be cheaper now than ever before.

Sicily will offer an array of discounts, which may be applied to hotel stays, flights and will allow free museum entry. Sicily, with Palermo as the capital, is an autonomous island of Italy, slightly north-east of Tunis, and is about a 30-minute ferry ride from mainland Italy.

Ancient Greek ruins that dot the Sicilian landscape, an array of dazzlingly blue beaches and famous Sicilian cuisine may be some of the draw cards, whilst, for the more adventurous traveller, tours and climbs up Mount Etna – one of the most active volcanoes – are possible.

The most enticing part of their scheme to welcome back tourists is, perhaps, their offer of a free night at a hotel, on the fourth night of your stay. The programme is anticipated to launch soon, in the shape of vouchers, and will be announced on Sicily’s official website.

Cyprus is steeped in a melting pot of cultures, and, like Sicily, is another Mediterranean island. Beaches, churches, mosques, and valued archaeological sites are the magnets that usually pull tourists in. Now, their programme — which promises that any tourists who contract COVID-19 within their borders will be treated to free meals, medicine and even accommodation — is likely to snag even more tourist dollars.

If you feel like an extravagant trip to one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan (and expensive) cities, a trip to glitzy Geneva, a city famed for its natural scenery, and in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, may just be in order.

To entice tourists, the city is offering gift card discount vouchers, which may be used in booking hotels, dining at selected restaurants (almost 80 of them), and in booking tours. Geneva is only a 15 to 20-minute drive away from France, and thus, you can anticipate the city to be imbued with classic French cuisine and culture, but simultaneously, famed Swiss clichés like classic cheeses and wines.