Why work from home when you can work anywhere?

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Why work from home when you can work anywhere?

As the dust settles on the worldwide pandemic home and work life are looking decidedly different. More and more people are realising that with physical attendance at the office no longer a necessity, the world is bright with new possibilities.

Covid-19 has taught us that many jobs can be done remotely. Business meetings can be done via Skype or Zoom and kids can be schooled from anywhere. Work-from-home protocols, tele-commuting, webinars and virtual meetings may permanently have altered the way we do business.

Because of this there seems to be a rising demands for singles and families to relocate to greener pastures if one or both breadwinners can work online. The traditional holiday market is being replaced. Families are looking for a new adventure that takes them away from home for a few weeks or even months, while continuing to work.

Whether the idea is to move closer to family or friends, live out a previously shelved dream, or simply reside in a region that is seen as safest for now, more and more people are starting to make that exciting move.

Committing to a new lifestyle is as challenging as it is exciting

A nomadic lifestyle may suit some children but not others.

If you are considering travelling for extended periods, it’s essential to consider the personalities and needs of each individual child. Various personality types would lead to contrasting ways each would experience a mobile life.

Some children prefer routine and consistency while others crave novelty and adventure. A child who needs stability and thrives on a daily schedule is not likely to adapt well to a nomadic lifestyle, whereas a child who enjoys change and novelty will be more likely to thrive.

In the same way, extroverted and introverted children will differ. A child who needs many friends and gains energy from the presence of others will struggle to be away from their social group, whereas an introverted child will be comfortable spending more time on their own.

It’s important to plan and adapt to the individual needs of all family members. As families adjust to new norms around social distancing and the ever-present need to keep the curve flattened, safe travel has become even more important.

However, if the virus has taught us anything, it is that every moment counts, and it is time to live your dream. Why work at home, when you can work anywhere?