How to save money when flying

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How to save money when flying

It is usually easy to find affordable accommodation, however the price of the tickets and the flights primarily depend on many different factors, from the airline fuel prices, class and luxury of the seats, to the season in which you are to fly.

Luckily there are many ways you can avoid paying way too much for a ticket, so, if you are looking for some tips and tricks on getting tickets for cheap, you’re in the right place. You need to be flexible If you need to travel to a specific place at a certain time, it is hard to be flexible, but here’s what you can do: Look for earlier flights.
Fly mid-week or the day of the actual holiday.
Travel on road to a different airport to save some money.

Getting those cheap flights requires flexibility in travel plans and you must consider different options, like flying earlier or on the actual date of a holiday or special occasion. You can also try the alternate airports or travel dates, as these are the easiest ways to save money and still make it home for holidays.

Use Flight Search Engines All search engines offer higher flight costs as a part of taking a cut from the airlines and therefore you need to use trusted sources. Some flight search engines offer ‘great deals’, but actually inflate their prices much higher than other flight search engines do.

Rather use Skyscanner, Momondo, Airfare Watchdog, JetRadar, Google Flight or AirWander for real good deals. When checking the flight prices, make sure to do it in incognito mode on Google Chrome. This way, your computer won’t keep track of your history, so the flight search engines won’t raise their prices.

Last-Minute Deals And Cancellations

There are many ways to keep track of the last-minute deals, but Twitter is one of the best and easiest. one. Follow accounts like @SecretFlying to get access to great deals regularly. Also make sure to take advantage of 24-hour cancellation policies.

Many flight search engines offer these policies. Book a Connecting Flight In case you’re not in a hurry to reach the final destination, try booking a connecting flight. A connecting flight, according to Forbes, can be much cheaper than a regular, non-stop flight.

Filter flight itineraries on flight search engines by non-stop, one-stop or 2+ stops per flight. Fly for Free by Gaining Points. The easiest way to fly for free is with points. Signing up for just one travel reward credit card and spending the minimum points can get you some major points bonus, and in many cases, a completely free flight.