Western & Southern Open: there will be a variation in the prize money

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Western & Southern Open: there will be a variation in the prize money
Western & Southern Open: there will be a variation in the prize money

The Coronavirus pandemic has massively damaged countries around the world, undermining the foundations of their state systems and causing serious political, social and economic repercussions. Among the many sectors that have suffered the consequences is that of sport and, therefore, also of tennis.

After the first lockdown, the organizations made a huge effort to start organizing the tournaments again and, in those few places where they took place, the prize pools were small or at least heavily reworked. About a year and a half after the onset of the pandemic, however, things finally seem to be on the road to improvement.

ATP Cincinnati, prize money from 50 to 80%

Most (if not all) tournaments have resumed playing regularly, albeit with specific anti-Covid rules to observe. There are those who have even been able to afford to increase their prize money as in the case of the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati, which will start tomorrow 14 August.

The USA tournament had seen a huge drop in the prize pool in 2020, from $ 6 million in 2019 to $ 4.2 million. But the return of the fans was a breath of fresh air, so much so that the organizers were able to increase it from 50 to 80% for the 2021 edition: "Pleased to inform you that the initial entry level prize pool at the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati has been increased from 50% to 80%, an increase of $ 1,816,885 and a new total prize pool of $ 4,845,02." Not only that, because the prize money could grow further in the event that the sale of tickets should record a positive trend: "There remains the possibility of a further increase in the complete prize pool based on the continuation of ticket sales during qualifying and during the tournament." The final cash prize, concluded the ATP Member Services in its message, will be established by comparing the sale of the 2019 edition tickets.

The count will only take place at the end of the tournament, therefore any additional amount to be allocated to the players will then be paid as soon as possible. Despite the importance of the event there not shoukd be Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on the Cincinnati hard-courts.