ATP Cup 'very unlikely' to happen in 2022

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ATP Cup 'very unlikely' to happen in 2022

Australian Open and ATP Cup court announcer Brett Phillips has heard that it's "very unlikely" that the ATP Cup will be staged in 2022. The ATP Cup held its inaugural edition in 2020 and the event was also staged earlier this year.

The ATP Cup was in doubt for the 2021 season as well but ended up happening. “I’m told it’s very very unlikely there’ll be an ATP Cup next year. I’m hearing there will be a modified two weeks of lead ins, but the players absolutely will not sit in a hotel room for two weeks," Phillips said during his appearance on The First Serve.

Russia won this year's ATP Cup

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev absolutely stepped up at this year's ATP Cup and Russia won the event's second edition. “I want to thank my team. Andrey won all of his matches,” Medvedev said during the trophy ceremony.

“Thank you for being with me here and lifting this trophy in a few moments”. Medvedev played four matches at the ATP Cup and he claimed as many wins with only one dropped set. "It's a really big achievement because I also didn't lose a match.

Yeah, 10 matches against Top 10 opponents, didn't lose a match in these 10 matches. It's a big boost in confidence," Medvedev said. "Even when you lose, you know that you're capable of playing this level, and it helps you for the next time to stand up."

Russia was captained by Evgeny Donskoy, who gave credit to his players for being so easy to deal with. “It’s such an honour to be part of this team. Thanks for inviting me to be captain,” Donskoy said. “It’s not tough to be captain of such a strong team, because they are very easy people. Thanks to you guys, you are playing amazing”.