Gael Monfils signs up to play Tie Break Tens Dubai


Gael Monfils signs up to play Tie Break Tens Dubai

Former world No. 6 Gael Monfils has signed up to play the Tie Break Tens event in Dubai. Monfils, 35, is one of the most attractive players on the Tour and the Dubai crowd will certainly enjoy watching the flashy Frenchman in action.

The Tie Break Tens -- an event that was launched in 2015 -- was canceled last year due to the pandemic but is set to return this year and take place in Dubai on October 22. “This is such a great addition to the Dubai sporting calendar and we’re really excited to see some of the world’s best players come to showcase this exciting game.

Tennis fans will enjoy the game as they’ve not seen it before here and I’m confident the sport will attract some new fans as they enjoy this fast-paced evening of sporting fun," Tie Breaks Tens tournament director Jimmy Poon said.

Monfils went on a rant in Metz

Last week, Monfils was the lone French player to make the Metz quarterfinal. For the first time in tournament history, only one French player made the Metz qjuarterfinal. When asked about it, Monfils went off.

"We must stop with this thing of zero French late in the tournament. Were the guys who lost their matches favorites? I am not sure. I find it hard to point the finger at them. It's hard enough to lose. Everyone is trying to win, we don't lose on purpose.

Yes, maybe we are performing not great this week. Yes, maybe it will be better next week. Yes, it was complicated in Grand Slams this year. But this is not an end. How many countries would dream of having as many players as us in the rankings? We're a great tennis nation, even if it gets a little harder from time to time.

We shouldn't put ourselves too high when we play well, but we should not point the finger too much when we lose. It hurts and we hope that will change quickly. The period was complicated, but we will come back," Monfils said in Metz.

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