Victoria government: Get vaccinated or miss Australian Open

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Victoria government: Get vaccinated or miss Australian Open

The Victoria government announced that all athletes in the state must be fully vaccinated by the end of November and that could spell trouble for unvaccinated tennis players who want to play the Australian Open. Unvaccinated players could find themselves in a tough situation at the beginning of the season as they could find themselves in a position to choose between getting vaccinated or missing the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic, a record nine-time Australian Open champion, is believed to be unvaccinated and he is one of the plazers that could find themselves in a tough spot. Meanwhile, US Open champion Emma Raducanu said she would do whatever it takes to play the Australian Open.

"Whatever needs to be done to be able to play the Australian Open, I’ll do,” Raducanu explained at ‘The Homecoming’, an LTA Event held to celebrate the UK’s US Open champions. “To me it’s not even a thought or like a battle in my mind.

I just want to be at the Australian Open, and I want to compete there, so, whatever it takes to do, I’ll go."

Djokovic tipped to win the Australian Open

Djokovic missed out on a chance to win a record 21st Grand Slam at the US Open and become the first player since 1969 to win all four Grand Slams in the season.

Eurosport tennis expert Alex Corretja believes Djokovic will bounce back and win the Australian Open. "This is a learning process for Novak as well and I'm sure he will come back strong," Corretja told Eurosport.

"He needs to realise that his season was perfect and it was just that he lost a couple of matches. For him it's going to relieve the whole pressure and he will take on new goals for the future. "And that will come again in winning the Australian Open next year, or even the ATP finals at the end of this year if he decides not to take a little bit of time off to chill."