Kremlin Cup organizers suffer major blow as Daniil Medvedev withdraws from Moscow

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Kremlin Cup organizers suffer major blow as Daniil Medvedev withdraws from Moscow

The Kremlin Cup organizers have suffered a major blow as world No. 2 Daniil Medvedev has withdrawn from Moscow. Medvedev, who was projected to highlight this year's Moscow player field, won't be making his fourth main draw appearance in Moscow.

Medvedev made back-to-back quarterfinals in Moscow in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, Medvedev achieved his best result at the tournament as he made the semifinal before losing to Karen Khachanov. Following the withdrawal of Russian tennis superstar Medvedev, a place in the Moscow main draw opened for Mikael Ymer.

Medvedev indicated he would likely skip Moscow

After losing in the Indian Wells Masters round-of-16 this week to Grigor Dimitrov, Medvedev hinted he would likely skip next week's ATP event in Moscow. “I need to see next two days what I do, because I’m signed in Moscow, which is next week,” Medvedev said after the loss.

“I did sign, because I haven’t played there since 2018. It’s my hometown, so I wanted to give myself at least a chance to sign, and this time I’m in the draw. The deadline is Friday. “(But) to be honest, yeah, I did feel exhausted this tournament, which of course I will never say before matches, so now I can say it.

I did feel tired, and there were a few things coming up during the tournament in terms of my physical. So I’m going to see next few days after this tough match if I’m going to be able to compete in Moscow, which I really want to do, but, yeah, I need to take care of my body.

But anyway, I’m going to go there, just, yeah, I need to see a little bit before the deadline if I’m going to retire or not." Medvedev also gave credit to Dimitrov for the way he performed against him. "About Grigor, I have not much to say.

He played second part of the match better than anybody did against me in US Open that I won. So again, playing this level, I don't see him losing to anybody, but let's see the result," Medvedev said after the loss, per Chris Oddo.