Victoria Premier disputes leaked Australian Open emails

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Victoria Premier disputes leaked Australian Open emails

Vitoria Premier Daniel Andrews has indicated that he doesn't believe that unvaccinated players should be allowed to compete at the Australian Open. The letter the WTA sent to the players got leaked to The New York Times.

In the latter, it was stated that unvaccinated players will be allowed to play the Australian Open but they will have to complete 14 days of hard quarantine. “You try getting into the US … most of Europe, really, so many different parts of Asia if you haven’t been vaccinated,” Andrews told ABC radio.

“Like, you’re just not getting a visa – why would that be different here? “I don’t think it’s too much to say, if you want one of those visas and you want to come here, then you need to be double-vaxxed.

“All the people who are watching the tennis at the Australian Open, they’re going to be double-vaxxed, all the people that work there are going to be double-vaxxed. It stands to reason that if you want to get into the country to be part of that tournament, then you should be double-vaxxed as well”.

Sports Minister says nothing is 'fully settled' regarding the Australian Open

“We are still resolving with Tennis Australia and the Commonwealth whether unvaccinated foreign nationals will be allowed into Australia at all, and if so, under what circumstances they will be allowed,” Martin Pakula said.

“Unvaccinated, we are still talking to the Commonwealth about whether the rule for international unvaccinated arrivals is either 14 days quarantine, or they are not coming into the country at all. We don’t expect that to be settled for another couple of weeks.

“In the end, it’s a federal decision about who gets into the country and the circumstances in which they get in. We are still having that conversation with them. And we’re obviously talking to Tennis Australia who is also talking to the Commonwealth.

“We’ll get all that sorted in plenty of time for every player on the tour to be very clear about what the rules will be. The one thing that we have assured them all, is that the vaccinated players will be treated the same way as any other vaccinated entrant to the country”.