Vienna organizers ban Dominic Thiem from attending event due to being unvaccinated

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Vienna organizers ban Dominic Thiem from attending event due to being unvaccinated

Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem is not permitted to attend this week's ATP event in Vienna because is not vaccinated, Austrian news agency Heute reported. Thiem, 28, made his first Vienna appearance in 2010 when he played in qualifying event and since then he has made 10 main draw appearances at the tournament.

On Tuesday, Thiem wasn't attending his close friend Dennis Novak's match in Vienna. It was strange not to see Thiem in the stands but now the reason is known. The Vienna organizers want to stick to their rule that only vaccinated people can attend the Vienna event.

Thiem plans to get vaccinated before the Australian Open

“I haven’t been vaccinated yet,” Thiem stated earlier this month. “I want to wait for the Novavax vaccine because I heard from my doctor that it should be really good.

“If it works out by the end of November, I’ll have it vaccinated. If not, I’ll get something else vaccinated." Thiem suffered a season-ending wrist injury in June but he recently shared a positive update as he should be ready for the start of the next season.

“I had a very important day today,” Thiem said on Twitter earlier this month. “I was in Belgium to decide if I needed surgery for my wrist or not, and luckily I had very good news. I won’t need surgery, it’s looking stable and it’s looking good.

“The next week I have to make it more flexible and strengthen my wrist and do everything to prepare to slowly start playing tennis again. I am looking forward so much to that. "It has been a long time without the racket and I honestly miss it.

A huge thanks to all the fans who supported me during the long months and weeks, I don’t think I would have made it through without you. Big thank you and I see you soon."