Brisbane International facing cancellation for second consecutive year

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Brisbane International facing cancellation for second consecutive year

Brisbane International tournament director Mark Handley has revealed there is a chance the Brisbane International won't take place in 2022 as well. This season, the Brisbane International was cancelled because of COVID-19.

Not staging the Brisbane International for the second consecutive year would be a major blow for the tournament organizers. “While the door is still ajar for 2022, it is a challenge with the current health advice,” Handley said, per the Brisbane Times.

“Three weeks from now we are normally beginning the bump-in”.

Brisbane is a popular tournament leading up to the Australian Open

Over the years, some of the biggest names of the game played in Brisbane ahead of the Australian Open.

Those big names include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. “Brisbane is part of the lead-in tours to the Australian Open and we want to continue to be a part of that,” Handley said. “We’ve been a major venue in hosting international players for 11 years.

“Last year we could not get it off the ground, but we are hopeful we can this year and we are hopeful that we can another 11 years leading into the Olympics”. “The government could come out tomorrow and change things.

We are ready if they do,” he said. “We are in constant contact and that is the best that we can do. It is a challenge, but we’re hopeful because we know how important the event is to Brisbane”. Last month, Australia lost one event as the Kooyong Classic won't take place for the second consecutive year.

“We are disappointed having to make this decision but with the great deal of uncertainty over recent months about the arrangements that would be in place in January, it has not been possible to make the necessary plans to deliver the best and safest sporting and hospitality experience for our players, spectators, sponsors, broadcasters, members and event staff," Kooyong Classic president Adam Cossar said. It remains to be seen if Brisbane will return to the Tour calendar in 2022.