ATP Chairman: We were unprepared to deal with domestic violence accusations

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ATP Chairman: We were unprepared to deal with domestic violence accusations

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi didn't want to reveal any details regarding their investigation into the Alexander Zverev domestic violence allegations but admitted the ATP were unprepared for allegations of such nature. Zverev's ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova accused the German tennis star of domestic violence and in one of her interview she claimed Zverev tried to strangle her with a pillow.

"What can I say about that, without revealing where we are, is that we have to be honest and say that this is a 'new territory' for us in the tennis world. The NFL has had to deal with cases. It's like doping was in the 1990s; we weren't prepared for that.

We learned, and now we have the structures to deal with it," Gaudenzi told L'Equipe. "Here, it is new. We need to learn, to call in experts. It is a sensitive problem. We do not hide by saying that there is no problem."

The ATP launched investigation into Zverev in October

Massimo Calvelli, ATP CEO, said: “As an organisation we recognise the need to be doing more to ensure everyone involved in professional tennis feels safe and protected.

The recommendations of the Safeguarding Report will help us approach this in a robust way. We are committed to making meaningful steps forward and know this won’t be an overnight process. "The allegations raised against Alexander Zverev are serious and we have a responsibility to address them.

We hope our investigation will allow us to establish the facts and determine appropriate follow-up action. We understand Zverev welcomes our investigation and acknowledge that he has denied all allegations. We will also be monitoring any further legal developments following the preliminary injunction obtained by Zverev in the German Courts”.

After the ATP launched investigation, Zverev claimed he was pushing for them to start an investigation. Zverev has been repeatedly saying that he is innocent and he is confident the results of the ATP's investigation will back his claims.