Benoit Paire reveals his schedule for first three months of 2022 season

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Benoit Paire reveals his schedule for first three months of 2022 season

Former world No. 18 Benoit Paire has revealed his schedule for the first three months of the 2022 season. Paire will play three events in Australia, before he travels to South America to play Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

In March, Paire plans to play Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami.

"This season made me realize what areas I must improve for the few years that I have left to play," Paire said in an Instagram post this month.

"I wanted to thank my family who were present in the most difficult times, my girlfriend who supported me even when I wanted to quit, my friends who are there all the time to encourage me and my agent Daryl who does a wonderful job and who is there to calm things down when I want to really say what I think."

Paire fully vaccinated

At the Paris Masters, Paire said he didn't care about unvaccinated players being banned from playing in Australia. "There is no quarantine anymore in Melbourne if you're vaccinated.

Those that are not vaccinated, I don't care about them. If they don't play, all the better for me," Paire said in Paris. "I don't care about the other players. I'm motivated to have a great season next year.

If there are some people who are reluctant to get vaccinated, then they should stay in Europe. "It's not my problem. You have to be vaccinated to go to Australia. I am vaccinated and I'm looking forward to playing there."

Paire doesn't think there will be a boycott of the Australian Open or anything like that. "At the US Open, everybody was saying that they were going to go on a strike, that they said that they shouldn't get vaccinated to go to Australia, that they were not going to play," Paire said. "But when the season starts again, everybody wants to play."